QBZY automatic surface interfacial tension meter

QBZY automatic surface interfacial tension meter

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QBZY automatic surface interfacial tension meter

QBZY automatic surface tension meter with high precision, high stability of force measurement system, microcomputer control system, platinum plate / platinum tour measuring device component. The instrument of advanced design, reasonable structure, automatic measurement, convenient operation and easy maintenance; sample automatic lifting, full range to tare (reset). Full automatic range correction; the instrument repeatability is very good, the test results are accurate and reliable. The test data of liquid crystal display, through the RS232C interface output.

With the sample pool thermostatic apparatus and sample temperature measuring device, to meet different test requirements.

QBZY automatic surface interfacial tension meter

Main features:

1 platinum plate, platinum ring test method used;

2 fully automatic measurement, platinum plate test, the display value is the surface tension value;

3 the use of white gold test method, display the value of maximum force automatic locking values of samples, and then through the calculation software with the calculation of surface tension values or data processing software automatically by computer;

4 platinum ring size: the wire radius is 9.55mm, the radius of the ring is 0.185mm, the circumference of the ring is 60mm;

5 the use of platinum gold test methods, fully in accordance with the following domestic and international standards:

Determination of surface tension of 22237-2008 GB/T surface active agent

JB/T 2002 – 9388.

Determination of surface tension of JB/T 18396-2001 natural latex Tour de France

Determination of the surface tension of 1156-95 SH/T composite latex

GB/T 86 – 6541 oil product oil to water interfacial tension measurement method (ring method)

1409-1995 ISO plastics, rubber, polymer dispersions and the determination of surface tension of latex

Determination of the interfacial tension of the mineral oil in 6295-1983 ISO petroleum products (ring method)

GB/T 5549 (ISO304-1985) was used to determine the surface tension of the membrane method

And ASTM, D1417, ISO14090-82, EN14370, ZB2025-93, GB2960- 82, GB6541-86, etc.

6 automatic measurement, to avoid human error;

7 full range automatic calibration, data accurate and reliable, good repeatability;

8 a key to zero, the moment is complete, zero bit stable without drift;

9 the use of the international advanced platform driven technology, no vibration and noise;

10 the instrument structure is reasonable, independent work, without any additional equipment (such as external computer, etc.), but also can be matched with the computer data processing;

11 when using platinum plate, can measure the surface tension of liquid in real time, and the surface tension will change with time varying with time. It is very practical;

12 the surface tension of the high viscosity liquid sample can be automatically tested by using the platinum plate test;

13 can measure the interfacial tension between the non – mixed liquid such as: Oil / water interface;

14 data processing software: automatic acquisition test curve, curve can automatically enlarge, can access, can be printed. Can carry out a plurality of test curves, can automatically calculate the surface tension values of the platinum gold method;

15 accuracy correction function: with the 2 distilled water and ethanol as the standard, the overall testing error of the instrument is automatically calibrated, which can ensure the accuracy of the instrument is in the factory;

16 USB data output interface, easy to connect with notebook computer;

17 with a variety of temperature control options, to meet different test requirements;

QBZY automatic surface interfacial tension meter

Main technical parameters:


test modePlatinum platinum plate method, or the two tour de France
operation modeAutomatic measurement of the sample table
display modeWide viewing angle LCD screen, digital display
test specification(mN/m)0~6000~4000~200
One key reset range(mN/m)0~6000~4000~200
Full scale automatic calibrationYes
Accuracy automatic calibrationYes
data output interfaceRS232 / USB2.0
data processing softwareYes
Sample temperature range(℃)0~110
Need to select the sample constant temperature and constant temperature bath bath tank
testing timeLow concentration sample: platinum plate 3 – 5 seconds, 60 seconds to 40 platinum Tour de France

QBZY series of surface / interface tension meter:

Host                                               1

The platinum plate (or platinum gold) 1

Alcohol lamp 1

Sample dish 2

Standard weight 1

Tweezers 1

Operation manual 1

Warranty card 1


QBZY series surface tension meter:


Platinum plate

Common sample constant temperature bath

Temperature measuring device for common sample

Low temperature constant temperature bath

Super constant temperature trough


QBZY series of surface / interface tension meter:

1 ink analysis and printing / coating tendency, wettability, quality control

2 cleaning agent analysis of the absorption rate of surfactants, the nature of the study, the appropriate concentration of

3 the study of aggregation and diffusion behavior of the agent

4 cosmetic analysis of the dispersion of emulsion or suspension, the stability of the wettability

5 electroplating analysis wettability, quality control

6 pesticide, traditional Chinese medicine analysis of adsorption, dispersion, stability, and so on

7 paint, paint analysis, adsorption, dispersion, wetting, etc.

8 oil / water interfacial tension value is closely related to the purity and deterioration of oil.

9 water treatment, water quality analysis

10 other industries


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