Method for determining the viscosity of paints

The viscosity of the coating is also called the consistency of the coating, which refers to the fluid itself has adhesion and produces a kind of characteristic that prevents its relative flow inside the fluid.This index basically controls the consistency of coating, accord with use requirement, its affect construction performance, paint film flow level sex directly, flow hangs a sex.Through determination viscosity, can observe coating to store the polymerization degree after a period of time, according to different construction [...]

Adhesion of film and its relation to metal protection

Adhesion of film and its relation to metal protection Coating adhesion (binding strength) refers to the size of the binding force between the coating and the base material, that is, the unit surface area of the coating from the base material (or intermediate coating) peeling force required.The coating can protect well only if it adheres well to the substrate surface.Especially for metal substrate, the adhesion of coating is very important, which is mainly due to the close relationship between the [...]

Determination of paint film hardness – pendulum rod hardness, scratch hardness, indentation hardness

Hardness is one of the important properties of the paint film, it represents the mechanical strength of the paint film, the dry paint film should have a certain hardness, to withstand the physical damage of the outside world, to protect the surface of the coating.The physical meaning of hardness can be understood as the resistance of the paint film surface to other hard objects acting on it.Through a certain mass of load, acting on a small contact area, you [...]

The function of ultrasonic thickness gauge

Functional characteristics of ultrasonic thickness gauge: 1, with casting test function; 2, with coupling prompt, low voltage prompt; 3, Shutdown mode: manual and automatic shutdown functions (no operation for three minutes); 4, small value capture: can choose to display the current thickness value or small thickness valueData storage: 500 measurement values and five sound velocity values can be stored6, sound speed adjustable: can use the known thickness test block to measure the sound speed; 7, Gain setting: with high and low gain setting function 8, [...]

Troubleshooting method of coating thickness gauge

The main faults of coating thickness gauge in nondestructive testing include unstable value display, large error, no value display, etc.The causes of these failures are from the instrument itself, from the measured workpiece, as well as from the natural environment. Here are the methods to troubleshoot these failures. Troubleshooting method of coating thickness gauge 1. Display value is not stable The cause of the instability of the coating thickness gauge is mainly due to the particularity of the material and structure of [...]

Hardware characteristics of peel force tester

Peel strength tester for various metals, non-metallic and composite material mechanics performance test and analysis, is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, textile, fibre, plastic, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum-plastic pipe, plastic Windows and doors, geotextile, film, wood, paper, metal materials and manufacturing,Can automatically calculate the test force value, fracture force value and other test data. Product hardware advantages:High precision ball screw drive, durable, high straightness. High performance motor, low noise, low vibration, long service [...]

The working principle of constant temperature humidity chamber

The working principle of constant temperature humidity chamber Constant temperature humidity chamber is a commonly used testing machine products, mainly for electronic parts, industrial materials, finished products in the development, production and inspection of each link of the test to provide constant humidity and heat, complex high and low temperature alternating test environment and test conditions. Working principle of constant temperature and humidity box The constant temperature humidity chamber is composed of refrigeration system, heating system, control system, humidity system, air supply [...]

Techniques for prolonging the service life of the initial adhesion tester

Initial adhesive tester in the use of the process to do a good job of maintenance, only good maintenance can prolong the service life, let’s look at the maintenance of the initial adhesive tester: Short-time maintenance: 1, to regularly check whether the vent of the initial adhesion tester is blocked, and clean up the dust.Check whether the current and voltage of the equipment are normal and whether the line is aging. Check whether the initial adhesion tester works normally. Clean the dust in [...]

Viscometer – knowledge of viscosity

When the fluid is flowing, there is relative movement between adjacent fluid layers, so the frictional resistance between the two fluid layers will be generated, which is called viscous force.Viscosity is used to measure the viscosity of a physical data.Its size is determined by the kind of substance, temperature, concentration and other factors.Viscosity is generally short for dynamic viscosity, which is measured in Pa·s (Pa·s) or mPa·s (MPa ·s).Viscosity is divided into dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, relative viscosity, the [...]

The classification and application of coater

First, brush type coater Brush coater is an ancient coating equipment, first used in the 1850s to produce coated wall paper using China clay paint.There are three different types of brush coaters: round brush coater, blanket roller coater and blanket sleeve coater.Figure 1 shows an early use of a brush coating head. Two, air knife coating machine The advent of the air knife coater in the 1930s marked the birth of the modern paper coating industry.Air knife coater is to overcome the [...]