Q2000&Q1000&Q500 Automatic surface tensiometer

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Q2000&Q1000&Q500 Automatic surface tensiometer

Product feature 

1.High quality core components ensure accurate measurement, each tensimeter is equipped with a high-precision mechanical electromagnetic force sensor, the highest precision of surface tension up to 0.001 mN/m.

2.Tensimeter adopts 7 inch touch screen, all information is clearly displayed on the screen and the operation is completed.The machine does not need a computer when operating, can be used, support Chinese and English exchange display.

3.A tractor serves several purposes.

The tensimeter can meet the plate/ring method measurement, data direct reading does not need to calculate, plate/ring design size and process meet domestic/foreign standards.

4.Liquid density measurement

According to the buoyancy principle, the density of the tested sample can be accurately obtained by immerging the standard volume part in the test sample.

5.Measurement space with LED lighting

The lighting device in the spacious measurement area can illuminate the sample surface and the measuring body, so that the sample positioning is more accurate.

6.A wealth of optional accessories

Provide a variety of accessories to meet often different test needs.


Q2000&Q1000&Q500 Automatic surface tensiometer

Measurement methods

★ Q series tensiometers provide a variety of measurement methods, including the traditional platinum plate method (Wilhelmy) and platinum ring method (DuNouy), as well as optional density accessories to accurately measure the density of the sample under test.

★ Platinum ring method can be set one stretch or multiple stretches, can be set by yourself.No calculation, automatic measurement.

Built-in electronic level, with operating instructions.It can accurately adjust the level of the sample table to ensure the accurate measurement of the tensimeter.

★ The spacious sample room is equipped with transparent glass sliding door, which is very convenient to operate and can prevent the influence of indoor air flow on stability measurement.

★ The built-in measuring program can control the lifting of the sample platform to ensure no human interference in the measuring process. The running speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of the experiment and can be repeated accurately.The use of dynamic and fluid actuation eliminates vibrations that can have negative effects.

★ Electromagnetic force sensor and matching control system, temperature compensation function, can reduce long-term drift to a minimum.

★ Simple and intuitive operation through 7-inch touch screen.Intuitive operation on the touch screen is a major feature of the new generation of tensimeter, no matter before or during the measurement, can easily control the sample table and other components.

Built-in measurement data management menu, easy to view data and support external printer operation.All measurement data files can be transferred through THE U disk and converted into Excel files for convenient management, recording and sorting of measurement data.


Application field

★ The effectiveness and efficiency of surfactants were evaluated by measuring critical micelle concentration

★ Wettability of tablets, pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients

★ Wettability of paint and coatings

Oil aging degree detection

★ Coating wettability and adhesion

★ Cosmetic development

★ Study on ink wetting characteristics


Measurement and data management software ST Flash

Q series tensimeter software has clear user guidance, operation is very convenient.Our ST Flash software supports simple data management, CMC analysis and calculation through easy-to-understand charts, comprehensive measurement reports and data organization functions.

★ Support data collection, and can annotate the data, easy to view comparison.

★ The collected data is saved in the form of TXT document for easy viewing and conversion, and printed in THE form of PDF to generate graphic documents.

★ A maximum of eight groups of data can be compared simultaneously.

★ The ST Flash software provides the TOOL package for analyzing CMC concentration.

★ Software support Chinese and English operation and display.

Q2000&Q1000&Q500 Automatic surface tensiometer


ASTM D971 — Standard Test method for Determination of interfacial tension between oil and water by the Lifting Ring Method

ASTM D1331– Standard Test method for Surface and Interfacial tension in surfactant Solutions

ASTM D1417 — Standard Method for Testing synthetic rubber latex

DIN EN 14210– Surfactants — Determination of interfacial tension of surfactant solutions by stirrup or suspension ring method

DIN EN 14370 — Surfactants — Determination of surface tension

ISO 304– Surfactants — Determination of surface tension by the pull film method

ISO 1409 — Plastics/rubber — Polymer dispersions and rubber latex (natural and synthetic) — Determination of surface tension by the ring method

OECD 115– OECD guide for testing chemicals: Surface tension in aqueous solutions

ISO 6889 — Surfactant — Determination of surface tension by the pull film method

Q2000&Q1000&Q500 Automatic surface tensiometer


Test method*Platinum plate method, platinum ring method
Surface tension test range0-2000mN/m0-1000mN/m0-500mN/m
Accuracy of surface tension0.1mN/m0.01mN/m0.001mN/m
Liquid density range0-3.000g/cm3N/A
Density accuracy0.001g/cm3N/A
Operating modeAutomatic lifting and automatic measurement of sample table
Lifting speed0-300mm/min  can be adjusted arbitrarily
Display mode7 inch touch screen data direct reading
Data modeSupports data storage, viewing, and printing
Measuring timeRoutine within 60 seconds
Data outputRS232(printer) or USB
Data software


ST Flash software is standard
Dimension47*24.5*47.5 cm Length * width * height
Net weight18kg
Power supply110V or220V、50W



Platinum ring size: wire radius of 0.185mm, ring radius of 9.55mm, ring circumference of 60mm.

* Note: plate/ring test method, need to indicate when ordering, standard configuration of one of the two, the budget is enough to suggest that both plate and ring configuration.

** Note: The printer is not included in the standard configuration, it is optional according to the demand, the measurement of liquid density need to buy a standard volume.



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