Ge Series PCR Amplification Instrument


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Ge Series PCR Amplification Instrument

GE series Touch screen PCR amplification instrument for laboratory(Medical device registration certification)
Product Introduction:

The whole series adopts long life Peltier module for imported temperature circulator, the maximum temperature change rate is more than 5 degrees per second, and the number of cycles is more than 1 million. The product integrates a variety of advanced technologies in one: WINCE operating system, color full touch screen, dual-slot model can run dual modules independently, a variety of replaceable modules, large data storage and expansion functions, etc. The functions of qualitative PCR products will be perfected to the extreme, and the powerful functions will meet the needs of higher requirements of the experiment.

GE series Touch screen PCR amplification instrument for laboratory(Medical device registration certification)
Features of the instrument

1) The whole series of PCR amplification instrument adopts imported temperature circulator special long-life Peltier module, stable and reliable performance;

2) Engineering reinforced aluminum modules treated by anodizing technology, which not only retains rapid thermal conductivity, but also has sufficient corrosion resistance;

3) Fast rising and cooling rate, the fastest rising and cooling rate of 5ºC/s, saving valuable experimental time;

4). A variety of modules can be replaced, including single slot 96 hole module, double slot 48 hole module and flat in-situ module to meet various needs;

5). Stepless adjustable hot cover, can adapt to different height test tube, after opening the cover can be positioned at any Angle;

6). Friendly Windows interface, color touch screen control, high-definition TFT display (8 inches, 800×600 pixels, 16 colors), graphical menu navigation interface, extremely simple operation;

7). Built-in 10 standard program file templates, can quickly edit the required documents;

8). The program adopts folder management, can build a directory;

9). Real-time display of program progress and remaining time, support PCR instrument to run intermediate programming;

10). One-button rapid incubation function to meet the needs of denaturation, digestion/enzyme-linked, ELISA and other experiments;

11). Large data storage capacity, the machine can store up to 10,000 files;

12). The hot cover temperature and working mode can be set to meet different experimental requirements;

13). Automatic power failure protection, automatic execution of unfinished cycle after power supply is restored, to ensure the safe operation of the whole process of expansion;

14) GLP experiment report, record the operation information of each step of the program, and provide accurate data support for the analysis of experimental results;

15). User login management, three-level permissions, password protection function, to ensure data security;

16). USB interface, support U to store/take PCR data, also can use USB mouse to control PCR instrument;

GE series Touch screen PCR amplification instrument for laboratory(Medical device registration certification)
Technical specifications

Model number of productsGE482-AGE961-AGE961-BGE041-B
Sample sizeDouble 48×0.2ml96×0.2ml120mm×80mm
Range of temperature4-100 ºC
Maximum heating rate5ºC/s4.5ºC/sMaximum cooling rate
Maximum cooling rate4ºC/s4ºC/s3ºC/s
Average heating rate≥2.5ºC/s≥1.5ºC/s≥1.5ºC/s
Average cooling rate≥2.0ºC/s≥1.5ºC/s≥1.5ºC/s
Uniformity of temperature≤±0.2ºC @55ºC
Module temperature control accuracy≤±0.1ºC
Accuracy of temperature≤±0.2ºC
Temperature display resolution0.1ºC
Temperature control modeBlock\Tube
The temperature change rate is adjustable0.1-5ºC0.1 to 4.5 ºC0.1-4ºC
Gradient temperature range30-100ºC
Gradient setting range1-30ºC
Hot cover temperature range30-105 ºC
Heat cover height adjustmentStepless adjustable
Number of program stores10000 +(USB FLASH)
Heat cover height adjustmentStepless adjustable
Maximum procedure step30
Maximum number of program cycles100
Increasing/decreasing time1 Sec – 600 Sec(for Long PCR experiments)
Temperature is increasing/decreasing0.1 to 10.0 ºC(Touchdown test can be done)
Program pause functionThere are
Power failure data protectionThere are
4ºC heat preservationInfinite length
Landing experimentThere are
LONG PCR assayThere are
Language setting functionChinese /English
Computer softwareThere are
Mobile phone softwareThere are
Liquid crystal display8 inch, 800 x 600 pels, 260,000 colors
Communication interfaceusb
Dimensions of products390mm×270mm×255mm (L×W×H)
Net weight of product9kg
Input power supply~ 220V, 50Hz, 850VA
Medical device registration certificateZhejiang machinery injection permit


Zhejiang Mechanical injection standard 20212220045

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