Elve Mini Gradient PCR Gene Amplification Instrument

Elve Mini Gradient PCR Gene Amplification Instrument


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Elve Mini Gradient PCR Gene Amplification Instrument

ELVE Personal mini gradient PCR gene amplification instrument
Product Introduction
ELVE series mini gradient gene amplification instrument adopts long life Peltier module for imported temperature cycler, the maximum temperature change rate is more than 5 degrees per second, the number of cycles is more than 1 million. The product integrates a variety of advanced technologies in one: Android operating system, color full touch screen, can do gradient experiments, built-in WIFI module, support mobile APP control, email reminder function, big data storage and expansion function, etc

ELVE Personal mini gradient PCR gene amplification instrument
Instrument features:

1). Adopt long-life Peltier module for imported temperature circulator;

2) Engineering reinforced aluminum modules treated by anodizing technology, which not only retains rapid thermal conductivity, but also has sufficient corrosion resistance;

3) Fast rising and cooling rate, the fastest rising and cooling rate of 5ºC/s, saving valuable experimental time;

4). Retractable hot cover, can adapt to different height test tube;

5) Color capacitive touch screen control, high definition TFT display (5 inches, 800×480 pixels), graphical menu type navigation interface, extremely simple operation;

6). Built-in 11 standard program file templates, can quickly edit the required documents;

7). The program adopts folder management, can build a directory;

8). Real-time display of program progress and remaining time, support PCR instrument to run intermediate programming;

9). One-button rapid incubation function, to meet the needs of denaturation, digestion/enzyme linkage, ELISA and other experiments;

10). The hot cover temperature and hot cover working mode can be set to meet different experimental requirements;

11). Automatic power failure protection, automatic execution of unfinished cycle after power supply is restored, to ensure the safe operation of the whole process of expansion;

12). USB interface, support U to store/take PCR data, also can use USB mouse to control PCR instrument;

13). Support USB disk and LAN update software;

14). Built-in WIFI module, using a computer or mobile phone through the network connection can realize the simultaneous control of multiple PCR instruments;

15). Support the function of sending email reminder when the experimental program is over.

ELVE Personal mini gradient PCR gene amplification instrument
Technical specifications

Model number of productsELVE-16ELVE-32G
Sample size16×0.2ml(4×4 arrangement)32×0.2ml(4×8 arrangement)
Test tube0.2ml single tube0.2ml single tube, 8 tubes
System of reaction5-80ul5-80ul
Range of temperature4-100 ºC
Maximum rate of rise and fall5ºC/s
Uniformity of temperature≤±0.2ºC
Accuracy of temperature≤±0.2ºC
Temperature display resolution0.1ºC
Temperature control modeBlock\Tube
The temperature change rate is adjustable0.1-4ºC
Gradient temperature range30-100 ºC
Gradient setting rangeHorizontal 8 columns: 1-30 ° C
Hot cover temperature range30-105 ºC
Number of program stores10000 +(USB FLASH)
Heat cover height adjustmentStepless adjustable
Maximum procedure step30
Maximum number of program cycles100
Increasing/decreasing time1 Sec – 600 Sec(for Long PCR experiments)
Temperature is increasing/decreasing0.1 to 10.0 ºC(Touchdown test can be done)
Program pause functionThere are
Power failure data protectionThere are
4ºC heat preservationInfinite length
Landing experimentThere are
LONG PCR assayThere are
Language setting functionChinese /English
Computer softwareThere are
Mobile phone softwareThere are
Liquid crystal display5 inch, 800 x 480 pels, 65K color
Communication interfaceUSB2.0, WIFI
Dimensions of products267mm×190mm×115mm (L×W×H)
Net weight of product2.5kg2.6 kg
Input power supply100-240VAC , 50/60Hz , 120 W100-240VAC , 50/60Hz , 200W

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