LS-400-LED UV Curing Machine

LS-400-LED UV Curing Machine


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LS-400-LED  UV Curing Machine  

Product  ModelLS400LED-385
Device characteristics 

Outside size

Size:Length 1000mm × width 610mm × height 770mm

Curing district:410mm

Front-rear length:295mm

Feed height:0-100mm adjustable


Curing Way

The cure:

1. A set of LED surface light source at the top, illuminating downward.

2.Height adjustable (manual)


Mesh belt

Material: yellow Teflon mesh belt, resistant to ultraviolet and high temperature.Bearing weight: 5KG

Width: 300 mm

Speed: 0 ~ 5m/min




Lamp bead

Light power: 800W/ set

Band: 385nm(other band can be customized) Life: >;20000H

Working environment temperature: -20℃ ~ 40℃

Light intensity (1cm distance) : >;700MW /cm2 (EIT reference value)

Radiation energy (when the velocity is 2m/min) : >;2300MJ /cm2 (EIT reference value) irradiation area: 350mm×150mm

Cooling wayAir cooling
Case MaterialCold plate – baking paint/powder spraying



Function and configuration

1. Power indicator: 1

2. Start button: 1

3. Stop button: 1

4.LED light switch: 1

5.LED power adjusting knob: 1

6. Speedometer: 1

7.Governor :1

Voltage220V 50-60Hz
Machine power900W
Machine colorWhite + brown + black

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