Bgmr-1000 Enzyme Linked Immunoassay Analyzer

Bgmr-1000 Enzyme Linked Immunoassay Analyzer

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BGMR-1000 Enzyme linked immunoassay analyzer with Photoelectric colorimetry,Enzyme immunoassay detector
Product Introduction:

BGMR-1000 is an enzyme linked immunoassay analyzer,This product adopts the principle of photoelectric colorimetry for enzyme immunoassay of samples. The detection wavelength is 400-750nm, which is suitable for a variety of applications from enzyme kinetics study. The instrument can complete the measurement quickly and accurately, the fastest single wavelength 6 seconds /96 well, double wavelength 10 seconds /96 well plate. The instrument also comes standard with linear shock plate function, incubation temperature up to 50ºC in models with incubators, visual workflow, easy data analysis and export functions, to maximize your experience. This product can be widely used in scientific research, agriculture, animal husbandry, feed enterprises, food enterprises and other testing fields.

BGMR-1000 Enzyme linked immunoassay analyzer with Photoelectric colorimetry,Enzyme immunoassay detector
Features of the instrument

1. 10.1 inch screen tablet, humanized operation interface, no external computer can operate, store, print

2. Visual operation of board surface, whole board display of measurement data

3. 8-channel optical filter measurement system, which can replace the filter manually;

4. It can be used to measure the endpoint method, kinetics, inhibition rate, etc.

5. Three linear vibration plate functions;

6. Reagents are open without specific restrictions.

7. Automatic storage of standard curve, users can modify the standard curve;

8. The built-in embedded system can operate, store and print without external computer;

9. Can choose absorbance, Cut-Off qualitative calculation, single point calibration, line regression, linear regression, exponential regression, logarithmic regression, double logarithmic regression, log-logit, power regression, four-parameter regression, and other calculation methods;

10. Provide various printing methods and Chinese reports in various forms, and customize various reports

11. Board layout and save import function, greatly improve the test efficiency of common items

BGMR-1000 Enzyme linked immunoassay analyzer with Photoelectric colorimetry,Enzyme immunoassay detector
Technical specifications

Model number of productsBGMR-1000
Light source6V10W long life halogen lamp
Range of wavelength400-750nm
Filter of lightStandard with 405, 450, 492, 630nm four filters, up to eight filters can be loaded
Filter bandwidth6-8nm
Range of absorbance0.000-4.000 OD
Resolution of resolution0.001 OD
Degree of linearityCorrelation coefficient greater than 0.999 (0,2.0), correlation coefficient greater than 0.99 (2.0,4.0)
Wavelength indication error≤±3nm
Wavelength repetition≤±1.5nm
repeatability≤0.3% (0,3.0), ≤2% (3.0,4.0)
Stability of≤0.3% (0,3.0), ≤2% (3.0,4.0)
Accuracy≤±0.005 OD (0,2.0), ≤±1% (2.0,3.0), ≤±1.5% (3.0,4.0)
sensitivitySensitivity ≥0.010 OD
Difference in channel< 0.01 OD (1.0 OD standard filter)
Speed of measurementSingle wavelength 6 seconds /96 Wells, dual wavelength 10 seconds /96 Wells
Plate of vibration3 speeds (high, medium and low)
Range of temperatureRoom temperature +5ºC~65ºC
Method of control10.1 inch color high resolution touch screen, embedded software.
Data export formatexcel,word
Print outYou can print reports directly (USB thermal printer is optional)
Mode of interface2 type A USB, 1 type B USB, 1 serial port, 1 network port
External dimensions300x470x200mm
Net weight (kg)13

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