LR-N004 Flexo Ink Proofer With LED UV Drying Function

LR-N004 Flexo Ink Proofer With LED UV Drying Function


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Applicable objects: monochrome proofing (such as color matching, testing, etc.)

Input power: 220V, 50/60Hz

Power: 400 w(UV-LED:500W,Mercury UV light:2000W)

Ink: dropper ink

Proofing material thickness: 0.01-2mm (bendable material)

Proofing material size: 170x210mm

Printing area: 120x148mm

Plate area: 150X 160mm

Plate thickness: DUPONT: 1.14mm thick flexible plate glue 0.38mm

Plate roller and screen roller pressure: adjustable by 2mm soil, with scale to show the pressure

Plate roller and press pressure: can be adjusted by 2mm soil, there is scale to show the pressure

Printing speed adjustable: 0-80 m/min

Ceramic roller specifications :(USA) 70x210mm

Number of ceramic roller lines: standard 600LPI (70-1200 lines can be customized),BCM:1.6-5.3

Suitable for: flexographic water – based, UV ink, lithography, letterpress or UV ink

Suitable proofing materials: paper, plastic film, non-woven cloth, napkin, gold and silver card paper, etc

Dimensions (length x width x height) : 400x800x950mm

Instrument net weight: 130KG

UV fixing machine drying equipment optional

The instrument can be coated, solid color, dot pattern proofing

Blade pressure: pneumatic, pressure balance can be adjusted at both ends.The constant pressure design of the scraper is conducive to the repeatability of printing color and uniform standard.

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