LR-IGT350 Ink Printability Tester

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 LR-IGT350   Ink Printability Tester


This instrument is a universal paper and board printing adaptability tester. It is according to the latest “PAPER printing adaptability” national and international standards, specially developed for paper printing hair test computer control instrument. Its test results are compatible with AIC2-5, IGT A1-3 and IGT A2-3. The instrument adpots advanced electromechanical technology at home and abroad. It is equipped with a high-speed uniform ink equipment, an inker with standard scale, a pulling observation lamp and an aluminum printing plate.

The instrument is suitable for various offset, relief and intaglio printing paper and board simulation printing test. Is the paper testing center, scientific research institutes, universities and related paper enterprises ideal printing hair testing instrument.

Meet the following standards: ISO3782, GB/T2679.15, GB/T22365, QB/T1058, TAPPI 514 and 575, SCAN P 63:90.

LR-IGT350   Ink Printability Tester

Technical parameters

ItemTechnical specification
Measuring range(0.2~5)m/s
Printing pressure0~1000N Adjustable (standard: 350N ±10N)
  Printing plate sizeDiameter (65±0.2) mm, width (10±0.2) mm
Fan body radius(85±0.2)mm
Velocity accuracy error≤1%
WeightAbout 45 kg
Power supplyAC220V,50Hz
Overall dimensions (host machine)388×390×408mm


LR-IGT350   Ink Printability Tester

Product features

  • The control system is accurate
  • High precision motor and computer program control are adopted to ensure accurate increase of Fan-type pendulum speed, and the error between actual speed and theoretical value is kept within 1% during testing
  • Good reproducibility and repeatability
  • Automatic, accurate printing pressure and reasonable mechanical design ensure good reproducibility and repeatability of the instrument.
  • Easy to use, easy to operate
  • Touch screen Chinese display, friendly man-machine interface operation, automatically complete the test.
  • Easy to measure and calibrate
  • The instrument has a built-in measuring and calibration system, the user or the measuring and calibration department can measure and correct the accuracy of the instrument according to the instructions.
  • high speed ink homogenizer is designed for the purpose of homogenizing ink under controllable conditions. It is a kind of ink distribution device with simple operation and stable state.
  • high speed ink homogenizer is an ink homogenizer, which can inking up to two printing plates at the same time


Ink homogenizer

Item (ink homogenizer)Technical specification
Distributing speed50~700 r/min
The rear aluminum roller drives two aluminum rollers to drive the uniform ink roller
IGT New printing fitness meter printing plate requirements of rigid structure, can be used in a production environment
There are suitable for traditional ink and UV curing ink roller
Meet EC requirements
WeightAbout 45 kg
Power supplyAC220V,50-60Hz
Overall dimensions (main machine)490×380×305mm


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